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Birth Doula Support

All in for YOUR birth

A Doula is the not-so-secret ingredient missing from modern maternal health care.

Your doula gets to know you and your partner as whole people.

She tunes into what your desires are for your birth, with no hidden agenda.

She supplies information you might be missing to make your own informed choices.

She is there during your birth to be your cheerleader, provide comforting touch, encourage your birth partner, hold space for you, help you connect with your intuition, supply information and suggestions born of experience, remind you that you CAN do it, and really so much more.

Your doula believes in YOU and in your absolute power to give birth your own way.

Doula Support from Birth Circle Oahu includes:

- 2 prenatal meetings

- 24/7 phone and text support

- On-call availability from 36 weeks until birth

- In person continuous support during labor at home and/or at hospital or birth place

- 1 postpartum meeting

Please contact us for a free consultation to find out if we are the right doulas for you!


Birth Doula Support: What Is a Doula
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